John Nicholls

I have visited this Alexander teacher training course every year for the past several years and worked with the trainees there each time and observed the daily class work, so I feel I have a good sense of how the course functions. I can therefore say that I am very impressed with the way Paolo directs the course and the quality of the training he provides. The class takes place in a beautiful environment, a gracious and elegant studio with access to a garden with an ancient cedar of Lebanon at one end, and Paolo and the assistant teachers convey a warmth and friendliness in their dealings with everyone, combined with a passion to communicate the power and depth of this work. I consider Paolo to have a very high level of skill as a teacher of the Alexander Technique together with an ability to be articulate about all aspects of the training process. As part of this his background in physiotherapy is a valuable asset in conveying anatomical information and explaining the kind of problems a teacher might encounter in new students. I was myself fortunate enough to be for many years an assistant to Walter Carrington in London, and Walter was in turn the person entrusted by FM Alexander to carry on the original teacher training course in London. From that background I would say without hesitation that the training in Coccaglio is an excellent example of how to continue this process of educating potential teachers in the theoretical understanding and the practical skills necessary to keep this valuable work growing and developing in the 21st century. Anyone wishing to get a first class grounding in all that is necessary to convey to others the depth and subtlety of the Alexander Technique can be confident that they will find it here.